Tube Fly Articles

Tube Flies

A few articles relating to tube flies and tube fly tying for salmon, steelhead and sea trout

Needle Tubes   Gray's Needle Tubes

The development of the Needle Tube, fine stainless steel fly tying tubes

  Sea Trout Tube Fly   Sea Trout Fishing Flies

A selection of favourite flies for sea trout fishing

Scottish Shrimp Tubes   Scottish Shrimp Tube Flies

A selection of Scottish style shrimp tube flies for salmon fishing

    Needle Tube Fly Fishing

International success for the new Needle Tube Flies

A Spey Sea trout   Sea Trout Fishing

Summer Sea Trout caught on the River Spey

  River Spey Fishing   Spey Sea Trout

A few nights sea trout fishing on the Spey in June

Wee Monkey Tube Fly   Wee Monkey Tube Flies

A few Wee Monkeys dressed on Grays Needle Tubes

  Steelhead Needle Tube Flies   Steelhead Needle Tubes

A Selection of Steelhead Needle Tube Flies by Bob Schoeller

Lake Erie Steelhead   Steelies for Steelies

Needle Tube flies for Lake Erie Steelhead

  Cascade Tube Flies   Cascade Tube Flies

A few Cascades dressed on Grays Needle Tubes

Needle Tube Fly Vice   Tube Fly Vise

A simple tube fly vice designed with Needle Tubes in mind

  Blackback Tube Flies   Blackback Tube Flies

Some Blackback Needle Tube Flies

Salmon Fly Hooks   Salmon Fly Hooks

Some thoughts on salmon fly hooks

  Micro Tube Flies   Micro Tube Flies

The development of the micro tube for salmon and sea trout fly tying

Needle Tubes V Waddingtons   Needle Tube or Waddington

Has the Needle Tube rendered the Waddington shank redundant?

  THe Ruddy Buck Tube Fly   The Ruddy Buck Tube Fly

The Tying of a Ruddy Buck salmon tube fly

Salmon Minitubes   MiniTube Flies

A few Salmon Minitube Flies dressed on Needle Tubes

  Summer Shrimp Salmon Flies   Summer Shrimp Flies

The dressing af a few Summer Shrimp salmon tube flies

Snake Tube Flies   Snaky Tube Fly

A few Needle Tube Snake Flies for sea trout fishing

  Night Tube Flies   Night Tube Fly

A few Needle Tubes for night time sea trout fishing

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