Tube Fly Tool

The HMH Tube Fly Adaptor

HMH Tube Fly Tool
The photograph above shows the HMH Tube Fly Adapter fitted to a standard Regal fly tying vice and holding a 35mm Needle Tube, diameter 1.5mm, ready to be dressed.

HMH of Brunswick, Maine, USA have built a well deserved international reputation for well designed and engineered fly tying vises, favoured by a growing number of fly tyers the world over. Of particular interest to us are their tube fly tying vices and tools.

The HMH Tube Fly Tool is now available from  Grays of Kilsyth.

This Tube Fly Tool or Adaptor is an inexpensive, yet extremely practical and versatile tool which may be easily and quickly fitted to any standard fly tying vice head, allowing the fly tyer to hold a range of tubes securely for dressing a wide variety of tube flies. It is well suited to holding Grays Needle Tubes in lengths from 10mm upwards, as shown below (10mm needle tubes can also be held or may be secured with the aid of a pin or needle). In addition, the adaptor will hold conventional fly tying tubes or any of the growing number of new tube styles now widely available to the fly tyer.

Using the HMH Tube Fly Adapter

The HMH tube fly tool will hold a wide range of tubes. Metal tubes may be clamped very simply and securely in the tube tool. The photograph below shows a 35mm long Needle Tube (external diameter 1.5mm) clamped in the tube adapter ready for tying. The Tube Fly Tool can also hold thicker, more conventional metal tubes, in copper, brass or aluminium, up to 3mm in diameter, secured in the same way.

HMH Tube Fly Tool

The HMH Tube tool can hold short tubes, too. Below we see a 10mm long Needle Tube secured and ready for tying.

HMH Tube Fly Tool holding 10mm needle tube

To give more access and room to dress the body of a very short tube, say less than 10mm in length, a pin or sewing needle of suitable diameter may be used to help secure the tube, as shown below. If using this method (which is only recommended for very short tubes of 10 mm or less), care should be taken not to damage the tube's plastic liner, keeping it clear of the securing ring.

HMH Tube Fly Tool holding 10mm needle tube with pin

Plastic tubes of varying diameter may also be held in the HMH tube adapter with the aid of either of the two longer pins supplied for the purpose, as shown below.

HMH Tube Fly Tool holding plastic tube

Needle Tube Flies dressed on needle tubes of 15mm length

Needle Tube fly

Needle Tube fly

The HMH Tube Fly Tool is now available from Grays of Kilsyth supplied with two pins, a selection of plastic tubes and a sample pack of 4 Grays Needle Tubes (two of each diameter) at a cost of 24.95. For full details, see:
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